Our US affiliation can provide services at a fraction of the cost, particularly with respect to Hatch-Waxman matters in the field of generic pharmaceuticals. We have experience in the following areas and can provide these services.

  • patent drafting, prosecution, and appeals
  • patent certification including Paragraph IV certification, and little “viii” statement
  • preparation of Paragraph IV notice letter
  • patent opinions including patentability, freedom to operate and non-infringement
  • patent watch, alert, and review
  • Hatch-Waxman litigation
  • responses to FDA including patent and exclusivity statement
  • confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreements, research and development agreements, commercial supply agreement

FTUP can coordinate with our parent company for hiring attorneys for any patent-related litigations.


“Soft-Chew Tablet Pharmaceutical Formulations”, filed December 2016.

International Patent Application No. PCT/US2016/067443 US PATENT NO. 10,117,831

EPO National Stage Application No: 2016876888

“Abuse Deterrent Soft Chewable Drug Formulations”, filed February 2017.

International Patent Application No. PCT/US2017/019869